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Healthy living


HEALTHY LIVING defines as 10 health commandments

Each person have their own responsibilities therefore the purpose of this upcoming program is to assist community either healthy or unhealthy for the sake of getting a healthy lifestyle as long-term lifestyle solution which we called HIDUP SEHAT (healthy living). WHO mentioned that in the year 2020, 70 % of most deaths worldwide diseases is caused by unhealthy lifestyle such as "Heart Attack, Hypertension, Stroke, Diabetes, Cancer, and so on. These upcoming program are compiled as to support the Indonesian President's instruction which is to actively involved in "GERMAS" Gerakan Masyarakat Sehat or strong active Indonesian Community. Also, programs of Lifestyle Center in Bandung Adventist Hospital are designed according with our utmost commitment which is, " We Care, God helps", in order to restore the health of mankind physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually as a whole along with scientific based principles. These upcoming programs are made by providing education to workers, patients, family, and also throughout the community.

You will be supported by the team of the best quality available. Our teams are made of specialized physician, master of science in nursing, master of public health, health practitioners, health educators, registered nurses, nutritionist, cooking instructors, physical therapist,spiritual leaders, and Psychologist.

Here is the list of Healthy living

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