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CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program)

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Being the best hospital in health services in Bandung in 2020 is the vision of RSAB and one of the Mission is to Implement and promote health reform. Because of the CHIP Training that has been held on 6 February - 3 March 2015 which is one of the programs to fulfill the vision and mission. Training instructors come from SSD offices in the Philippines namely Pst. A. Carpena, MPH, Dr. Blecenda Verona, Nutritionist, and Dr. Linda Verona, internist. Number of 34 people. Training participants from RSA Bandung 9 people, Jakarta 16 people, Bandung 7 people, RSA Medan: 2 persons. Training activities: registration and data collection of each participant (Blood pressure, weight, height, circle of hands, circle of body), examination (blood sugar, blood fat), Theory and video in class, Healthy Menu Demo, Walking 10,000 steps daily use pedometer, aerobic gymnastics, eat food according to CHIP menu, inventory of food in traditional market and in supermarket appropriate CHIP menu in Bandung, etc ..

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