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In relation to Peter's command that we add "to self-control of perseverance." I refer to the blessings of health reform, and the benefits to be gained by the use of the right combination of healthy, healthful foods. the close connection between eating and drinking to the state of one's mind and character is very clear. we are unable to develop good character through wrong habits of life.

Appetite indulgence is a major cause of physical, mental weakness and the basis of apparent weakness everywhere. through the devil's appetite controls the mind and the whole body. Thousands of people who should be allowed to live have entered the grave, and suffered physical, mental and moral damage because they sacrificed all their strength to the indulgence of appetite.

The digestive tools have an important part in the happiness of our lives. God has given us intelligence that we know what we should use as food. Will not we, as healthy men and women, study whether the food we eat is appropriate or does it cause trouble? people who have an acidic stomach very often have an acidic character. Things seem to contradict them, and they tend to get irritable and anxious. If we want peace between us, we must put more attention than we do to calm our stomach.

The brain is the organ and tool or instrument of the mind, and that controls the whole body. so that other parts of the body structure healthy, the brain must be healthy. And for a healthy brain, the blood should be pure clean. if by the right habits of eating and drinking the blood kept pure clean, then the brain will be naturally fed.


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