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We are all woven into the great human network, and whatever we can do to benefit and lift others will be reflected in the blessings we receive. The law of interdependence applies to all community groups.

In God's plan man has been made mutual need each other. If everyone is doing all they can to help those who need help, the love and sympathy of those who are not selfish, how much fun work has been done. God has entrusted the talents to everyone. These talents should be used to help others walk the narrow path. In this work one is connected with another, and everyone is united in God. It is only by unselfish service that we may increase and increase our talents.

Helping others can also help themselves. Many people are in obscurity. They have lost their way. They do not know which direction to go. Let those who are confused search for others who are in confusion and say to them the words of hope and encouragement. As they begin to do this work, the light of heaven will reveal to them the path they must follow. By their comforting words to those who suffer, they too will be comforted. By helping others, they themselves will be helped out of their troubles. Joy replaces a place of sadness and melancholy. A heart filled with the Spirit of God radiates warmth to our fellow human beings. All such people are no longer in darkness, because the "darkness" is like the midday sun.

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