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Advent Bandung Hospital is again grateful for God's blessings with the addition of services and facilities. Beginning in November 2017 has been held inauguration of the new service is the Neurosurgical Center. The joyful atmosphere appeared on the faces of the Board of Directors and all the PSP (Leaders and Staff, Executives) who attended the event started with a reflection of God's Word by Rev. S. Sarjono.

In his devotional Rev. S. Sarjono reviews the prayer of an old biblical biblical figure named Jabesh. Pray for the abundant blessings, expansion of territory and protection. This is also the hope of RS. Advent Bandung. With the addition of this service our prayer and hope together is that God will bless with this abundant service to be a channel of blessing as well as for the patients who come.

In his speech. dr. Roy D. Sarumpaet, Sp. THT-KL., Director of RS. Advent Bandung, enthusiastically explains that the addition of Neurosurgical services is one of the important community needs and that we are lucky because experts skilled in the art are committed to making this new service a success.

The same thing also delivered by Bpk. B. F. Sihotang, MBA, General Chairman of the Foundation Foundation Hospital. Advent Bandung and invite all employees to always give thanks to God. God's blessings are always given to us and this additional service let it be used maximally to serve the community.


After completing the 7th floor to pray for room and facilities for the Neurosurgical Center then all move to the ground floor / basement where two new ambulance units are located.

Speech by the Deputy Director of Finance as well as the Foundation's Treasurer said that this is the realization of the work plan and is a breakthrough delivered by the Director by ordering at once 2 ambulance that is not too big to be more agile and agile entry into places that small. An ambulance will be used at the Primary Adventist Clinic located at Tamansari.

Dr. dr. O. Tampubolon, MHA as General Secretary of the Foundation Foundation also welcomed the procurement of this ambulance and invited everyone to always be grateful for God's blessings to Advent Bandung Hospital.

We hope that with the addition of new services and facilities will increase our spirit to serve others to become a superior health service provider in Bandung.

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